10 Weirdest and Ridiculous College Mascots funny picture & funny video clip!

1. University of California at Santa Cruz - The Banana Slug

2. Evergreen State - The Geoduck

3. University of Arkansas Monticello - The Boll Weevil

4. Trinity Christian College - Troll

5. North Carolina School of the Arts - The Fighting Pickle

6. Delta State University - The Fighting Okra

7. Presbyterian College - Blue Hose

8. Wichita State University - WuShock the Shocker

9. Western Kentucky University - Big Red

10. Stanford - Tree

Because your school mascot is in fact the most perverted, vile human you'll ever know. View "Top 25 Mascot Moments" and more funny picture, A school’s mascot is a symbol of pride and unity that students can rally behind. Anybody can have a wolf or a bear as their college mascot, but these schools have taken it upon themselves to have the most unique mascots ever. They are memorable to say the least! Has your school got a weird mascot? Add it in the comments.


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