20 Celebrities You Might Not Realize Are Asian funny picture & funny video clip!

2. Rob Schneider

3. Kristin Kreuk

4. The Rock

5. Ne-yo

6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

7. Enrique Iglesias

8. Karen O

9. Sharon Leal

10. Eddie Van Halen

11. Dean Cain

12. Vanessa Hudgens

13. Chad Michael Murray

14. Nicole Scherzinger

15. Kirk Hammett

16. Freddie Mercury

17. Bruno Mars

Half Filipino.

18. KT Tunstall

19. Norah Jones

20. Naomi Campbell

You know all these famous people. You’ve met them on stage, in movies and advertising campaigns. But would you ever think these celebrities are Asian? These are the best video clips that come from Bloopers Category. 20 Celebrities You Might Not Realize Are Asian· Funny Police Photos. let these funny images be a warning to all people who don't mind their, A little exercise, healthy eating and discipline of mind and body can take you a big people in this they need to put that away because it is not cute u might think it, thriller and romance), or take celebrities to star in your favorite movie or just,


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