Mildred Patty Baena, The Mother Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child funny picture & funny video clip!

The mom of Ex Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child has been revealed. Her name is Mildred Baena. She was reported to have gotten pregnant while working of an housekeeper in the Schwarzenegger’s residence. The 50 yrs old single mom of 4 kids was reported to have retired in Jan, of 2011 after working for 20 years with former first family. According to a source, the 2 lovers have numerous sessions of unprotected sex in the family residence during day time as soon as the former movie star got to know she is pregnant, he took up the duty of a “Big Daddy” pretending to absolutely adore the child. As a retirement benefit, Mildred Baena is currently living in a 4-bedroom home with a pool, a couple of hrs outside of Los Angeles with the youngster and her three other little ones.


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