Star Wars Burlesque Show funny picture & funny video clip!

Character: Stormtrooper
Performer: Courtney Cruz

Character: C-3PO
Performer: Lucy Fur

Character: Boba Fett
Performer: Audrey Deluxe

Character: Darth Vader
Performer: Charlotte LaBelle

Character: Jabba the Hutt
Performer: Scarlet O'Gasm

Funny jokes, funny lists, funny videos as well as funny photos and celebrity news from around the Internet, is the funniest. An interesting Star Wars-themed burlesque show took place recently at Bordello club(Los Angeles). Ever wish there was a hot chick inside of Jaba the Hut who would come out and do a strip tease for you? Probably not, but that doesn’t make the Star Wars burlesque night any less geektastically sexy,


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