Tom Ford's 22 Essentials, Presented By Pugs funny pictures & funny videos clips!

A sense of humor.

A daily read of an intelligent online newspaper.

Good manners.

A nail clipper.


Magnifying mirror.

A beautiful toothbrush.

Bottle of mouthwash.

A good cologne that becomes a signature.

A well-cut dark suit.

A pair of classic lace-up black shoes.

Black loafers.


Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.

Always new socks and underwear (throw the old ones away every six months).

A classic tuxedo.

A beautiful day watch with a metal band.

A beautiful night watch with a leather strap.

The perfect pair of sunglasses.

A good bed, crisp sheets, down pillows, and down duvet.

Perfect teeth (if you don't have them save up and have them fixed).

Tom Ford's 22 Essentials, Presented By Pugs. Monday, April 04, 2011 Damn Cool Pics No comments Videos Tags Blog Archives Mangyongdae The Happiest Place in North Korea· These cute pugs will show you 22 things every man needs to be a perfect gentleman according to Tom Ford’s book.


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